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Our History

All began in 2020…

NIM – Noise In Myself is an Italian-Swiss band, born out of an idea of guitarist and composer Enea Maina from  the Lugano / Ticino region. He began to compose riffs and lyrics during summer of 2020 and got then to know with Martina Pedrotti, Switzerland, voice and transverse flute.

The search for further members of the band lead to Leon Sürder, Switzerland, electric guitar and the two brothers Gabriele, bass and backing vocals, and Damiano Palmeri, drums, both from Italy living  within a few kilometres from their band mates.

After some months of remote work due to the pandemic restrictions, the band finally met in person and started rehearsing, arranging and shaping the songs. They worked hard and completed 10 tracks by the end of summer, which allowed them to perform a full set three times in music clubs in Ticino between August and November 2021.

The band worked intensively during winter and recorded their debut album, which was released on all major platforms by Wanikiya Record-Promotion in April 2022.

Meanwhile, the bassist Gabriele was replaced by Federico Morello, Switzerland and Italy.

The band had the opportunity to perform live several times during summer 2022, playing some new songs and kicking off work on the second album.

In January 2023, Noise in Myself released the single Necessity of exploration accompanied by an amazing video clip.

Between March and April, the band returned to the studio to record the single The Cosmonaut, which was released on 10th of May 2023.

One month later, the two singles appeared with 3 other songs on the concept-EP Answers…

In July 2023, singer Martina left the band for studying reasons. Diane Lee, singer of Lost Journey, joined the band and performed the song Interstellar, which was also published on the latest EP with her.

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