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The Band

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Enea Maina

*2004, guitars

He became passionate about electric guitar at the age of 6. He attended private lessons until the age of 15, setting aside the money necessary for the first professional guitars, and entered the formation of the heavy metal band Hell Riders, with which he made his debut on the stage of Padiglione 14 in Turin on November 8th, 2019. Enea began to write riffs and lyrics and to lay the foundations for his project, the NIM, during summer 2020. He left the first band at the end of the year and dedicated himself exclusively to his musical project, starting the search for other musicians. In the same time he began studying the acoustic guitar in a music school.

Diane Lee

*1997, vocals

Her passion for music and singing started from the very first years of her life. After joining her first melodic prog metal project “Lost Journey”, at the age of 18, she studied modern singing at Helvetic Music Institute (HMI) improving her vocal technique. One year later, she became passionate about Opera and took lessons, adding a classical sound to her vocal style.

After listening to NIM, she completely fell in love with their music and in March 2023 she had the opportunity to begin the collaboration with them, ending up being their lead singer.

Leon Sürder

*2008, electric guitar

He began taking acoustic guitar lessons with a friend at the age of 6. Subsequently, Leon switched to electric guitar, met Enea at the end of 2020 and made his debut on stage with NIM on August 28th, 2021.

Federico Morello

*1994, bass guitar

He began playing bass at the age of 12. His first instrument was a 5-string bass with which he started to learn RATM’s songs. He moved to Ticino (Switzerland) in 2015 and started playing in some small local bands (pop rock, funky, metal), becoming increasingly passionate about the prog metal scene. He got in touch with Enea in March 2022 and then joined the band.

Damiano Palmeri

*2003, drums

He has been passionate about drums since the age of 3, influenced by his uncle, also drummer in a Police cover band. He started taking lessons from his uncle at the age of 8 and received his first kit a few years later. Damiano has made his stage debut with NIM, on August 28th, 2021.

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